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Emdoneni Cheetah and Serval Project

The aim of the project is to care for wild Cheetahs and Serval Cats, which have been orphaned or injured in the wild and are in need of care and rehabilitation. We also intend to breed where possible and release the offspring back into their natural habitat. Animals are fed at 4:30pm daily and visitors to the project can experience the feeding and also enjoy an informative talk regarding the animals and the project by a guide.

The vision of the Emdoneni Cheetah & Serval Project is:

To create a wildlife awareness and education center, also creating job opportunities for the local community.
The provision and maintenance of an environmentally friendly and aesthetic wildlife center for selected feline species.
The management of a wildlife center in conformance with generally accepted standards, procedures and guidelines set by the KZN Wildlife Services.
To attract local community, including school groups and tourist to the center for wildlife awareness and educational purposes.